This week we are unstoppable, two new games are here to make you enjoy!

The first one is about Halloween, you must save the city from the attack of a lot of creepy creatures.

The other one is about football, we know you love sports games and this soccer free-kick game will make you go crazy through different levels and obstacles.

Halloween is coming so we know you are anxious to play some halloween game and to watch zombies and skeletons all over your screen, keep calm your prayers have been heard.


Become the hero in this scary games. If you like the zombie games or the Halloween games, this is your game. And it is for free!
Here is your scary games for the Halloween games night! A brand new zombie driving games is ready for you, zombie driver. This is road zombie car games for free with awesome graphics. Everything you are searching is now here. The Halloween trick or treat games give way to this new zombie driving style game.

Drive along the zombie drive avoiding evil obstacles and try to survive to those zombie hordes! It is a long way to the top if you wanna… Hm! Survive!

You will find that zombie driving cars are prepared with the best steel sheets in the zombie car games for the Halloween games night. You can drive a van, a monster truck… And other amazing models ready for you, the zombie driver!!! Everything directed to cause some troubles to those creatures.

You can drive the better cars prepared for the zombie hordes and resist traps: axes, barrels, rocks, needles… Zombies are getting smarter and they are ready to stop your car and get some… Bah, brains!

* Up to 5 levels of difficulty, from easy to hell!!! The driving zombie game is awaiting you (not for trick or treat…)
* More than 20 different traps are waiting for you on the road zombie games.
* Up to 5 tough cars in the zombie car games.
* Demons, zombies, hordes, etc. Zombie games is waiting for you inside this scary games.
* Awesome graphics and weather FX… You cannot stop driving in the zombie driving games.

Unlock the cars and become even faster and harder to beat. But remember, zombies and other evil creatures are waiting for you out there.

Get the highest score and get in the World Ranking and enjoy the zombie drive in this zombie games for free!!!

Try it now here:


And what about if we play some football? Become the greatest scorer ever by playing this absolutely addictive soccer game and practicing your free-kicks through a lot of obstacles.


Strike soccer has become in this Flick Football Game. Enjoy free kick, penalty shoots.

Best football game with different targets in various matches and goal keeper.

Become a soccer hero in penalty, free kick and dribbling in a world cup soccer game.
Now, for free, you have an amazing football game with nice graphics and all the action you want of your soccer hero.

Prepare your finger to special free-kicks dribbling the wall and score in goal post in this free kick soccer!

More than 60 levels. This soccer hero game includes challenging targets on every matches. In some cases, you will have to score over the barrier and the goalkeeper. In others, you will have to score over crates, etc.

Enjoy this football game as a soccer hero and get all targets in each matches with your free-kicks.

Customize your football striker with your team colour and win all matches of world cup soccer.

Face-off matches against the goal keeper and score goals with your finger skills in this free kick soccer game.

You will get coins and other rewards after every level and equip the best footwear in order to improve the scorer points and rewards.
You could also win tickets and go to the roulette to get a lot of prizes that will help you to achieve the targets of each level.

Win all matches with your strike soccer. Try news flick football and cross the goal-post with the ball.

Get ahead on your football striker career. Improve your free-kicks, your dribbling skills and penalty accuracy to become a football game hero.

Your fans will follow you in every match. Feel the adrenaline of every free kick, beat every targets and win all the matches. The football game is awaiting for you. The best free kick soccer super penalty soccer hero.

Download it now here: